Working in the Middle East-Requirements

Can I apply for Nursing Jobs in the Middle East?

Yes, if you meet the following requirements:

  • Matric Certificate
  • Must have the relevant Diploma/Degree
  • Valid Passport
  • Must be Registered with the relevant authorities, i.e. Nurses must be SANC Registered
  • Must have a Basic Life Support Certificate, one which is affiliated with the American Heart Association
  • Experience in the relevant field is beneficial

How do I apply to work in the Middle East?

  • Make sure you meet all the requirements.
  • Upload your CV and Apply for one of our jobs listed under Middle East.
  • A Mednurse Consultant will be in contact with you and send you the Mednurse Application and Mednurse International Relocation Agreement.
  • Should an interview be requested, Mednurse Health Recruitment will prepare you for the interview and facilitate this between yourself and the hospital. Interviews will be by Skype.
  • If successful, offer will be received and presented to you within 48hrs of interview.
  • Then once you accept the position, the entire process can take up to 9 months depending on how fast the required documents can be collected, such as Xrays, Blood tests and relevant Diplomas or Degrees.
  • Nursing license will be issued once HAAD has approved your application.
  • Visa and work permit with be applied for by facility.
  • Cost covered by facility: Accommodation, Flights, Nursing License Registration and Visa and passport.
  • Mednurse will facilitate your move, and you will be on your way to working in the Middle East.

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