Surgical Unit Managers play an indispensable role managing the nursing team. They manage and organise the surgical nurses and ENs, ensuring an environment that helps patients healing from general operations and procedures.

Their tasks transcend the tasks of a surgical nurse, as they need to ensure the smooth and cost effective running of the ward. They manage shift schedules, manage stock, balance the budget, and are responsible for the nurses on duty their specific ward.

A great step up for generalised RNs with leadership and organisational skills, UM’s receive a substantial pay increase and set of responsibilities. Substantial experience in this unit is key and previous management experience and qualifications are a plus!

If you are a unit manager, RN, or specialised in another field, Mednurse is your partner in finding the right role at a private hospital whether it be in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria or elsewhere! Send us your CV today to get started.

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