Psychiatry Unit Managers are a step up for psych registered nurses. They often work at mental health facilities and assist those with illnesses or diseases that have led them to temporary or long-term hospitalisation. A post basic diploma in psychiatry is often required coupled with solid working experience as an RN in a psychiatry unit for at least 4 – 5 years at Senior Level.

As a Unit Manager, the successful candidate must also be able to develop, maintain, and improve nursing standards with a focus on strong quality mental and physical health care. They must be able to positively motivate others and function well under pressure. They are indirectly responsible for the care of patients facilitating their recovery through social interaction and traditional therapies.

To move into a leadership role within the unit a qualification in nursing administration or management is recommended but not required.

Outside of the technical skills these candidates have perfected, they need to have people skills that motivate and manage their staff and organisational skills to ensure their units are always properly stocked and budgeted for.

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