A unit manager is a vital role within any medical facility. It requires strong leadership, experience, and dedication. As a position that requires the smooth running of the unit, U.M.’s are required to supervise and mentor nursing staff while ensuring the best patient care possible. Extensive experience in the specialty of the unit is necessary and relevant management is often required as well.

Mednurse works with registered nurses at all stages of their careers, whether they are an experienced Unit Manager or just starting out in their specialty. We find the best possible fit for your stage in your career. Send us your CV today to accelerate your nursing career with the best Unit Manager jobs around!

If you are looking to lead your first unit or upgrade to a larger, more challenging facility, Mednurse will help you find a new challenge!

Based in Gauteng? Western Cape? Whether you are looking for a nursing job, or in search of that ideal candidate we have the network throughout South Africa to take it to the next level.

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