The job of a trauma nurse in Johannesburg is exciting and fast paced. Successful nurses in this role need to be resilient and quick on their feet as they treat patients in a state of emergency. They handle urgent situations where the cause of injury or disease may not yet be known. They need to work extremely well under pressure and be star multitaskers.

In Joburg, we work with world class facilities, with tough competition for the rare spots that may open up. There are many nurses vying for the same roles, and you need to ensure your skills and experience put you ahead. When you partner with Mednurse our goal is to help you succeed. We are not satisfied unless we place qualified candidates in positions where they can thrive for years to come.

Forward us your CV today – if your application is accepted, our experienced consultants will get in contact with you to understand your skills, qualifications and placement requirements. We will assist you in gaining that position you want, that will allow you to thrive in reaching your full potential in your new job as a trauma nurse in Johannesburg.

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