Securing a job as a Theatre Scrub Nurse in Johannesburg allows you to work in some of the busiest, most rewarding, and exciting units in the country. A theatre scrub nurse has an immensely important role, they are required to work closely with the operating team ensuring a highly sterile environment, playing various roles before, during, and after the operation.

With the best trained and experienced nurses country-wide competing for posts at the most prestigious positions at private hospitals in Johannesburg, it is an incredibly competitive landscape. Whether you are a scrub sister or any other registered nurse, Mednurse can gladly assist you in putting your best foot forward for the best positions matched to your experience, qualifications, and skill set.

If you are looking for a Theatre Scrub Nurse Job in Johannesburg or you wish to relocate to the beautiful City of Gold, forward us your CV today. At Mednurse we recruit long term, with our hands-on consultants assisting candidates even after they have been placed in their new facility!

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