A highly specialised position in the nursing field, theatre scrub nurses work directly with the surgeon in the operating room. They are highly sought after as scrubbing is an essential need in any operating room.

Theatre scrubs are often the highest paid nursing specialty. To become a scrub sister a post basic qualification in Theatre Technique or Theatre operating science is a must. When properly trained and experienced, these professionals are well compensated and rewarded. Outside of standard tasks, a nurse can specialise even further in the most sought after scrub subspecialties, whether cardiac, neuro, vascular or orthopaedics.

Whether looking for a job at a large hospital or a small facility, Mednurse has vacancies across South Africa and can match you with the right role whether in scrubbing, theatre, ICU or others. Whether you are in the West Rand, Southern Suburbs, Cape Town, or relocating somewhere new. We are here to help!

Mednurse has strong relationships with the best private hospitals in the country and experience placing top theatre scrubs in our partner hospitals. We advocate for our nurses, always keeping their best interests in mind. If you are a qualified theatre scrub nurse, send us your CV today to race in front of the competition and land your dream job.

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