Paediatric Intensive Care Unit nurses, or PICU nurses, care for critically ill children and adolescents. Outside of their usual nursing duties they need to offer emotional support and educational opportunities to the parents and family members of their young patients.

PICU These Nurses must be emotionally resilient and have a passion for nursing sick children. Most of their patients remain in the PICU critical care for days or weeks, although some stay in the care of the PICU for extended periods of time.

The PICU is a highly specialised and demanding unit. A sought after skill, the PICU Post Basic Qualification is only offered at one institution here in South Africa (UCT).

At Mednurse we hold positions like this in very high regard, understanding the type of person who can fill this role. If you are specialised in ICU , NICU , Paeds , or are a general registered nurse, we have satisfying and challenging opportunities available in Gauteng, the Western Cape, the Garden Route and more.

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