The role of an oncology nurse is incredibly important as they care for patients and their family during physically and emotionally difficult periods. They work with patients with different types of cancer at various stages of their illness.

A large portion of their role is administrating cancer treatment in the form of various medicines and treatments such as chemotherapy. They educate the patients on their cancer and help manage their often painful symptoms and side effects. Equally important, however, is the vital role they play in offering emotional support for their patients and families. In order to succeed in this career you will need to care for your patients as you would your own families, providing empathy and hope.

They can also specialise even further in treating certain cancers – but one thing is for sure – it takes strength and heart to succeed in this profession!

If you are an oncology nurse, orthopaedic nurse, or registered midwife – Mednurse is your partner in finding a fulfilling new position at a facility you can thrive in. Send us your CV today to be matched the right unit and private facility, whether you are in the Northern Suburbs or North Coast of Durban we are here to help you!

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