If you are a midwife looking for a job in Cape Town, make sure to work with a recruiter that cares about you. At Mednurse we assist our candidates with a variety of positions within the healthcare sector, helping to match their qualifications, skills, and interests with jobs where they can shine.

Midwives play an incredibly important role within a Maternity Unit. They assist with the childbirth process, coaching and preparing the mother for childbirth, assisting in the delivery, and caring for them post-birth. Sometimes they even go into theatre to assist with a C-Section delivery! Qualification wise, a post-basic diploma is essential.

With prestigious facilities and beautiful surroundings, Cape Town is a competitive landscape for any nurse and you need assistance to help you score the right job. Whether you are looking for a midwife job in Cape Town, a different Specialised Nurse position, Unit Manager or Allied Health professional vacancy, we can help.

When you work with us you receive one-on-one treatment, we carefully rewrite your CV and prep you to help you make the best first impression in your interview. Look no further than working with Mednurse Health Recruitment!

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