Medical ward nurses are general registered nurses that work toward the total care of patients. They aim to lower the mortality rates of their patients and help them move toward to a full recovery.

These nurses must always be SANC registered. A great starting role for any nurse – by gaining experience in a medical ward you’ll gain confidence in your skills and abilities to uncover if and how you’d like to specialise. Frontline Management Experience and/or a Nursing Administration Diploma are highly advantageous in these units.

Whether you are a general medical ward nurse, a unit manager, or working as an emergency room nurse, send us your CV to see what opportunities are available in the best private facilities and hospitals in South Africa. Mednurse is here to help; we take time to understand our candidates skill sets, aspirations, and needs; placing them in a role they can thrive in!

We recruit for the long term, taking great care to ensure the mutual benefit for both or nurses and facilities that require these positions!

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