Labour and delivery nurses help with the care of mothers before, during, and after childbirth. They are specially trained and must hold a midwife qualification. These nurses monitor the fetal heart rate, the patient’s blood pressure, and time contractions to examine the mom-to-be – to see how close she is to delivering the baby.

Before labour, they educate a woman and her family on the stages of giving birth, and what to expect. During labour, they often act as a coach to the mom-to-be, helping them to get through the process. They assist other nurses and physicians in administering pain medications or performing epidurals, episiotomies and C-section deliveries. With multi-disciplinary skills, should a C-section be necessary – they can even help in theatre!

After the labour, Labour and Delivery nurses, care for the mother educating her on latching, breastfeeding, and personal care after childbirth.

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