ICU nursing is a complex and highly challenging speciality, one which many registered nurses aspire to. Also known as critical care nursing, these nurses use their advanced skills to care for patients who are critically ill or suffering from life-threatening health problems in Intensive Care Units.

Scarce, highly trained, and seen as medical specialists, these nurses are important members of any facility or hospital team.

In order to specialise as an ICU nurse, an RN should complete the Intensive Care Post Basic Qualification and training. Just be aware – while some hospital groups provide this in-house, these qualifications are often not transferable and not recognised by other groups.

If critical care nursing is your passion – we highly recommend completing a post basic as ICU nurses are always highly sought after and well compensated!

Mednurse has relationships with the best private facilities and units across the country, and the expertise to match you with the right units for your nursing experience. Whether just recently qualified or ready to move into an ICU Unit Manager role in Cape Town or Johannesburg, Durban or Pretoria, Mednurse has access to the best nurse jobs in South Africa

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