A cardiovascular nurse, otherwise known as a cardiac care nurse, treats patients suffering from a range of heart diseases or those recovering from cardiac procedures. These trained professionals take care in providing comfort and care for those who need it. Cardiac care nurses are a type of specialised nurses that can work with a multitude of various patients with heart, stroke, and cardiac complications. As heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of death in many areas around the world, this is an essential discipline that demands quality nursing and care. A cardiovascular nurse fulfils a highly important support role that a facility couldn’t do without.

Offering a niche service for the medical industry, Mednurse connects job seekers to the best facilities and hospitals that meet their personal, professional, and salary expectations. We seek to join together the best candidates with facilities they can thrive in, holding both party’s needs and requirements in mind. We recruit for candidates with all levels of experience into diverse and varied private facilities all over South Africa. We match the needs and requirements of our facilities with the skills, experience and interest of our cardiovascular nurses to find the perfect fit in their career.

Are you looking to work in Cape Town or Johannesburg? Sandton or Pretoria? Mednurse has access to a range of candidates and positions that can open the doors to the future of your career. We recruit for every private hospital in South Africa and focus on the long term, ensuring a candidate that strengthens and provides value for the units and patients they serve.

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