A meeting place for medical professionals, this offers a perfect opportunity for registered nurses to find employment, as well as for medical practices to find the best possible registered nurses. As a fully trained nurse with an official certificate of competence, registered nurses are in high demand.

In the search for the top medical professionals to pair up the perfect employees with employers, Mednurse strives to deliver the best possible service to the medical profession and its advocates. Whether an experienced nurse with years of experience, or a bright eyed newbie just starting their career, Mednurse can find the perfect placement to ensure all involved get the best possible coupling.

Whether an employer looking for the perfect nursing candidate, or a nurse looking for an ideal placement in South Africa, Mednurse is your route to your dream job in the medical field. Whether based in Cape Town or Johannesburg, Durban or Pietermaritzburg, Mednurse has a country wide reach to find the best possible job opportunities.

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