Nursing Jobs in the Middle East

Mednurse Health Recruitment provides Nursing Jobs in the Middle East. Travel the world and experience new cultures in amazing locations! You can start by filling out Med Applications. Experience a new culture, a new way of life and a new point of view. Advance your career and live life as a successful nurse or medical professional in a foreign land.

Why should I apply for Nursing Jobs in the Middle East?

For South African healthcare professionals, Nursing Jobs in the Middle East bare many benefits.

  • Very high salaries: Employment packages vary with each employer, but will generally include a tax free Salary and accommodation resulting in a very high take home salary.
  • Experiencing different cultures: The UAE offers a vibrant lifestyle and culture with plenty of opportunities for shopping and entertainment, and an extremely safe environment where crime and theft are very rare. Lifestyle is why you live and work in the UAE.
  • Top-notch facilities: Hospital facilities are modern and sophisticated medical technology, and many are completely digital with minimal paper-files.
  • Training opportunities: Ongoing training is offered in some of the latest technology and medical equipment on the market and top end IT and health information systems.
  • A big network of South African and international colleagues alike: Most facilities recruit globally so you will be surrounded by peers and colleagues from every corner of the globe.

What must I bare in mind when deciding to apply for Nursing Jobs in the Middle East?


  • Accommodation is arranged for you as it is usually included in your employment contract.
  • Healthcare: The general standard of healthcare in the Middle East is high, both in the public and the private sectors.
  • There is a low crime rate, so it’s a particularly safe environment.
  • Fuel and cars are quite cheap. In the long run, purchasing your own vehicle can be much more economical than using public transportation.
  • Although the cost of living varies but the lifestyle can be very expensive, however, salaries are adjusted to account for this.
  • Central Location: working in Saudi Arabia means that you’re centrally located on the world mapSome of the most popular destinations, such as Paris, Mumbai, and Cairo are only a few hours away. You can even make it to Thailand or Vietnam in roughly eight hours
  • Facilities will provide Educational development allowances to nurses. There are some compulsory courses such as the Neonatal Resuscitation course which the facilities provide. Ongoing educational development is required for License renewal.


  • The Middle East is made up of conservative states which are Muslim and you should respect and follow its customs and cultural practices.
  • The heat in the summer can be oppressive, particularly on the coast, where humidity reaches high levels.
  • You unfortunately cannot take your family with you.

If you have the right qualifications and experience we can change your life in a way you could never have imagined. We offer guidance and support from the time we receive your application until you are safely settled in your new position in your new location. Even after you have settled in we are still there for you to provide support and guidance.

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