Mednurse International Candidate Testimonials

Rudolf Fredericks – Placed in Zambia

Rudolf Fredericks - Testimonials “Edna Arendse is the consultant that assisted me in securing employment in Zambia. She has the ability to make the unknown world to new candidates an easy transition, she has strong motivational, leadership, management, coordinating, organizing, implementing and global interacting skills. She was personally involved in my first remote site negotiations and the preparing of all my documents for Zambia and took me personally through every step.”

“I had a wonderful time dealing with her, and my adaptability to the unknown world was made very easy by Mednurse Health Recruitment”

Thank you

Rudolf Fredericks

 Benjamin – Placed in Zambia

Benjamin Zambia “I would like to thank the Mednurse Health Recruitment team for all their help that enabled me to secure a new and exciting role in Zambia. And a big thank you to Edna Arendse for all her efforts and guidance throughout the whole process. I couldn’t have done it without her. I will definitely recommend Mednurse to anyone who is looking for employment.”

Keep up the good work!

P.S. I’m having such a great time here in Zambia, Great country with beautiful people.