Mednurse Candidate Testimonial

Good day.

I just feel I had to write this review of the Mednurse team in the Western Cape.

I recently had an interview with your team and I was very taken back of how warm, friendly and professional your team were on my arrival , including you Sebastian.
What strike me the most is that you understood my needs immediately. You focus on my needs, explaining the transport problems, salaries and this really help me to choose between a position and a career.

When I walked into your offices, l clearly had other ideas of what job I was looking for, but listening to your advice, really help me to settle my mind and to focus and look at more circumstances, than just to rush into things.

I feel that the with the explanations you were given, you made me feel more important than the institutions needs. Thank you for that!

You are a great career advisor!

– Juleen Avontuur