Interview Tips for Nurses – Do’s and Dont’s

Our team of Consultants at Mednurse Health Recruitment have assembled this list of Interview tips for nurses to help you make your interviews run smooth.



• DO NOT smell of smoke when you report for the interview; this is extremely off-putting.
• Never EVER chew gum at an interview.
• Do not be on your phone whilst waiting for your interviewer and ensure your phone is on silent or off during the interview.
Mednurse - Dont's in an interview

Never be late

• If you are running late, contact your Mednurse Health Recruitment consultant in time as a courtesy – one small courteous gesture goes a very far way.

Dress Code

• Always dress the way you would appear at work (Hospital). Don’t overdress, not too much make-up, not too much “bling” and no overpowering perfume.

The ummmm’s and ahhhhhh’s

• If you are asked questions you are unable to answer, NEVER pretend to know the answer, there is simply nothing worse in an interview than saying, “ummmm, hmmmmm, ahhhhhh”. NO……you take charge of the interview and say something like, “wow, you really got me there, I actually have no idea but I am a very quick learner and I pick things up very quickly” or “I actually do not know but I am like a sponge, I pick things up very quickly so with a little guidance and a little orientation I am confident that I will pick it up very quickly indeed!”

NEVER stipulate an expected Salary Amount

• When it comes to the question of salary as it always does, NEVER stipulate an amount you wish to earn as they may have offered you more! Always assure the interviewer that your move is not financially motivated however everybody wishes to grow both career wise and financially so a couple of thousand rand more per month will be great! If you leave it open like that, you may well secure a better salary than anticipated. Mednurse Health Recruitment will always guide you regarding salaries and what each Hospital is paying.

Don’t Speak badly of your previous / current Employer

• The cardinal sin at an interview is to speak badly of your previous / current Employer – NEVER, EVER do this! Even if the situation at your current / former workplace was terrible, keep your chin up and say that you simply feel it’s time for you to move on OR you are seeking something new and exciting.


Nurses in an interviewAlways Smile

• At the beginning and at the end of the interview, remember to shake your interviewer’s hand, make eye contact and SMILE! A smile goes a very long way, it’s like a breath of fresh air in a very serious environment. Employers will always welcome a friendly, warm face at an interview.

The Nerves…

• Everyone becomes nervous for an interview, this is perfectly normal, if you did not feel nervous… wouldn’t be human! Never be afraid to express how you feel, if you are very nervous, there is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing the fact. This often breaks the ice and quite frankly shows your maturity levels and your confidence.


• If you feel the interview is going well, say something complimentary about the Hospital / Facility eg: “I have a lot of friends working for this group and they are all very happy” or “I would feel so privileged to be a part of this great Hospital group as I know it has a great reputation”, etc.

Be Enthusiastic

• If you feel the interview went really well, you can express your enthusiasm by saying something like, “I really hope I am successful, I would love to work here” or “thank you so much for your time, I shall be very eagerly awaiting your feedback”.

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